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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Sickening flashback

Tuvalu is set for another visit from the Royal since the last visit by Queen Elizabeth II more than two decades ago. Will the locals this time also carry members of the Royal family in a canoe on their shoulders as was the practise? I'm sure they will and i wish i can shout 'NO' but who will hear our small voices.
It was hilarous then when i saw local man carrying the Queen Elizabeth II and her husband in a canoe in 1982, I thought they look so stupid because they look so tired under the weight of the canoe and the Royal passenger sitting upright. There were  also two  young girls, each  holding an umbrella to shade the Queen and husband from the schorching sun of Tuvalu.

On December 14, 2011 it was announced that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge would be visiting Tuvalu in 2012. This visit is part of the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Tour, where Her Majesty The Queen, accompanied by His Royal Highness The Duke of Edinburgh, celebrate the event with series of regional visits and engagements throughout the United Kingdom during 2012.

Tuvalu Prince Philip Stamp
Prince Philip arriving at Vaitupu, Tuvalu in 1959

Stop it!!!!! It's hilariously embarrasing!!!
What I am talking about could be clearly seen in the Tuvalu stamp above. This is utter embarrasment if you know the history of Tuvalu well and then look at the picture in the stamp above. Tuvaluans carrying Her Majesty the Queen and His Royal Highness. The canoe carrying and other extensive preparations had been the sights in Tuvalu every time there was a visit from the Royal family. And you think that they are strong. However maybe that's why some of the men died young because of such stupid activities.

Not only that, I am sure that there are also other  preparations going on in the nation for the arrival of the Royal contingent. But why should they all go to that extend? What did Britain ever did for us to make life better for our people in the small nation? When Tuvalu known then as the Ellice Islands, separated from Kiribati in 1971, England punished Ellice for wanting to be independent by giving her one old passenger boat MV Nivaga I and nothing else.

Although it was the custom and tradition, I do not want to see locals tireless wasting their energy on making everything good and right for the Royals. They should spend time and energy thinking about plans to make their life better and plans to protect the islands from impacts of climate change or better plans to move the people to another place if worse comes to worse.

Thinking about the past visits of the Royal family, the only media in Tuvalu always reported about the preparations being made, why? Is it to make other countries think that Tuvaluans are so happy to have the Royals step on their soil? But they never reported on how much the government spent on these preparations and the banquets.These money could have been put to better use like increasing the benefit of the old people who are only getting AUS $50.00 a month or improving education facilities in the only secondary school on the island or even the Primary schools.

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